Club Shahwandahgooze

Welcome to Club Shahwandahgooze.

This is a private Hunting and Fishing Club as well as a lovely summer vacation spot for the whole family.

Shahwandahgooze means ‘Happy Meeting Place’ in Ojibway and was picked as the name of the Club in 1903 to symbolize the happy times that a friendly group of hunters and fishermen could have while pursuing their favorite leisure activities together in the rugged beauty of the Canadian Shield.

Club Shahwandahgooze is located on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River some 16 kms north west of the Town of Mattawa, Ontario.

The Club is accessed by driving west from Mattawa on Highway 533 to a landing at the end of Snake Creek Road where the Club operates a large pontoon barge for the purpose of crossing the Ottawa River. From there Club vehicles move members and guests and their baggage 11.5 kms into the location of the Club.

The Club has a comfortable Club House (circa the late 1800’s, 1910 and 1930) that can accommodate up to 14 persons located on the outlet from Lac Marin.

The Club House consists of a warm and comfortable Club room, roughly 25ft by 25 ft, with a large fireplace plus chairs and tables where the members and guests can meet, socialize and play cards or other games.

A dinning room, roughly 12 ft by 25 ft with one large dining table that can accommodate 16 people.

Upstairs, there are 10 bedrooms, 6 are set up as singles and 4 have two beds (This is a NO-SMOKING Zone). Sheets, blankets, pillows, pillowcases and comforters are all provided.

Also located on the ground floor are – the kitchen which includes a wood stove, a propane stove, 2 electric + 2 propane refrigerators – a washroom with 2 toilets, 3 wash basins and 2 shower stalls (bath towels are provided) and a variety of pantries and storage rooms

Located around the Club House are a boathouse, a generator shed/garage (we have a diesel generator to provide electricity), a woodshed and staff quarters.

The generator is not run continuously due to the high cost of fuel and the workload associated with transporting the fuel to the Club. Typically it runs from 7:30-10am, 12-2pm and 5-11+pm. However, it can be started as required. The last person going to bed at night turns the generator off. So make sure you bring a flashlight with you.

We have ready access to some 5 lakes for either lake trout, speckled trout, splake and pike fishing or canoeing and some 100+ km of trail and bush road for partridge hunting or hiking or ATV touring.

Lac Marin has a majestic beach at its northern end which makes a great site for summer visits for swimming or picnicing or over night camping for those so inclined.

All the best that the Canadian outdoors has to offer with the comforts of a great rustic lodge and delicious home cooked meals. Great for the kids, delightful place to spend a week or two during July or August.  No hunting, no guns – just clean air and water and nature in its most pristine form. Canoes, paddle boats, hiking, extraordinary sandy beach with outdoor bbq, tall stand of gorgeous pine trees with the gentle wind rolling over, nothing like the wonderful fragrance of the pine in the warm summer air.  Temperatures during the summer get into the mid-80’s +.

We have a Club Guardian and Cook in residence for 6 months per year, typically from May 1st until the end of October to look after the culinary needs and housekeeping requirements of the members and their guests. They also look after transporting food orders for each party into the Club as well as bringing the members and guests in and taking them out as required.

We are looking for a few more like minded individuals to join our group and would welcome inquiries from interested parties. Contact information is on the Contact Us page.