The Fishing Season

The Fishing Season

The Club undertakes its fishing activities on 5 lakes, the Club Lake — Lac Marin (Grey Trout and Pike), Clear Lake (Grey Trout), Bills Lake (Speckled Trout), Wolf Lake (Speckled Trout and Splake) and Long Lake (Speckled Trout and Splake). Every couple of years we add new stock to the Speckled Trout/Splake lakes. The Trout season opens the last weekend of April and closes in mid September. The Pike season opens around mid-May and closes later in the Fall. The best fishing is typically in May and June.

We have 4 boats and 3 canoes available on the Club Lake, 3 boats and on Clear Lake, 4 boats on Bills Lake, 2 boats on Wolf lake and 2 boats on Long Lake. Boats and canoes can be moved around as required.

The Club DOES NOT PROVIDE OUT-BOARD MOTORS, members typically purchase their own and store then at the Club during the season or rent what they need and bring this in for a specific trip. Gas and oil are provided.

Access to the remote lakes is typically by ATV (although you can also walk in and row or paddle) and again the Club DOES NOT PROVIDE ATV’s, members need to supply their own.

The rationale for this policy of not providing Club supplied out-board motors or ATVs is that people again and again have shown that they do not look after equipment that is not their own. This is a remote location where the equipment can get a harsh workout and when members arrive they need to know that their equipment will work for them.

All visitors to the Club, members and guests, must have the correct Quebec resident or non-resident Fishing and Hunting Licenses, the correct Federal Firearms Licenses and all must obey the relevant Quebec Fishing and Hunting Regulations.