Organizing Parties


Organizing Parties

The Club works on a reservation system and individual members organize their parties, including other members and guests as appropriate, and then submit a request for their desired dates. The Club Secretary works to satisfy the member’s requests sometimes asking members to overlap their trips with other groups or to shift or change their trip by a day or two in one direction or another.

Organizing Meals

Members normally prepare and document their daily menu’s and food orders several weeks prior to their visit to the Club and then by email, fax, or mail they arrange to have the local Mattawa grocery store pack their food order and coordinate the pick up with the Club Guardian. It is the Club policy for parties to provide food for the Guardian, Cook/Housekeeper and any other staff for the period when their group is in the Club. Normally unused food is left for the benefit of the staff.

Each party establishes their own meal schedule, which they coordinate with the Cook. A typical schedule might be something like breakfast at 7:30 or 8:00 am, lunch at 1 pm unless everyone has taken a lunch with them on the lake or trail and supper at 7:00 in the Spring and Fall  or 8:00 pm or even later during the summer.

Storing Things at the Club

Some members have developed the practice of storing some of their fishing and hunting gear at the Club in the various lockers and storage facilities that are available. Others bring in everything with them and then take it home at the end of their trip. While the area is remote there is an increasing level of ATV and truck traffic and it is probably wise to only leave items of lesser value over the winter.

Be Prepared

When visiting the Club you are reminded that there is no corner store next door. Town is an hour and half away and not a place that is visited every day.

You should plan for all of your personal requirements, be these reading supplies, although we have several hundred paperback books, toilet articles, personal medications, cigarettes or liquor or whatever.

The Guardian will typically visit town a least once during a week and additional supplies can be obtained this way. You should plan ahead and bring what you will need.

The Club location enjoys a wide variety of weather.

You can be cooked by the sun, drenched by the rain or frozen by the wind or a snow squall depending on the time of year you are there … and sometimes all three on the same Spring or Fall day.

You need to bring a range of clothing so that you can layer up and down as required. Rain gear is a must as are some sort of sturdy boots or walking shoes for movement along the trails and through the bush.

Fly dope and suntan cream are also recommended. When you need them … you tend to really need them and it is good to have them handy.

The Club has a radiophone. It is not intended for social calling but is available for emergencies and is used to co-ordinate arrivals with the Guardian. While the kitchen has both a radio and small TV for staff use the Clubroom does not, so if you want music or other electronic entertainment then you need to bring your own equipment and material.

A good flashlight with new batteries should be included in your preparations.